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Program Descriptions 


The Webb-McDonald Scholarship is awarded every year to deserving youth in the Metro-East community. This scholarship provides a stipend to youth entering an institution of higher education upon graduation from an area accredited high school. Over $10,000 in scholarships have been awarded to deserving youth within the Metro-East St. Louis community.

Judge Ora Polk Oratorical Contest

In collaboration with Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Delta Epsilon Lambda Chapter of East St. Louis, the Judge Ora Polk Oratorical competition is named in honor of the late judge and was created to continue the legacy of this respected educator, civic/community leader and charter member of Delta Epsilon Lambda. The contest encourages communication growth of students in the metropolitan area in grades 9- 12. Initially open to both male and females in the metropolitan area in grades 9-12, the program took on an all male perspective in 2006. Bro. Polk was an excellent orator and consistently encouraged youth to excel academically and professionally. The program is celebrated during the month of January each year, which is the birth month of Brother Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. To honor his memory local citizens are recognized with the Distinguished Dr. Martin Luther King Service Award for their outstanding contributions to humankind.

Lights of Alpha
Mentoring Program

Lights of Alpha Male Mentoring Program (LOA): Male youth in grades 8 through 12 are sought from the community through various means (school counselors, parents, churches and community residents). The young males meet monthly at the MESLCI facility and are provided group information (i.e., dining etiquette, public speaking finances, personal health, sexual development, manhood, credit card use, college preparation, etc. Also, a personal mentor is assigned to maintain contact with the youth and his parents. The yearly program is culminated with a Beautillion. Additionally, seniors may be awarded renewable yearly scholarships. College bound students are followed through their senior college year.


The Beautillion celebrates the accomplishments of male youth preparing to make the transition from high school. The recipients of these scholarship dollars are highlighted at our annual banquet as part of the fundraising efforts through solicitation for ads and patronage. The winner of the Beautillion is crowned Beau of the Year and receives a percentage of the fundraising proceeds as a scholarship/stipend.


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